President Tatsuo Yasunaga* President and Chief Executive Officer; Head of Crisis Management Headquarters Executive Vice Presidents Shinsuke Fujii* Chief Administrative Officer; Chief Information Officer; Chief Privacy Officer; Corporate Staff Unit (Corporate Planning & Strategy Division, Investment Administrative Division, Information Technology Promotion Division, Regional Business Promotion Division, Corporate Communications Division, Corporate Sustainability Division, Each Planning & Administrative Division), Domestic Offices and Branches; HQ Overseen Region; Chairman, Information Strategy Committee; Chairman, Sustainability Committee Nobuaki Kitamori* Chief Digital Officer; Healthcare & Service Business Unit; IT & Communication Business Unit; Corporate Development Business Unit; Digital Transformation Yukio Takebe* Iron & Steel Products Business Unit; Mineral & Metal Resources Business Unit; Energy Business Unit I; Energy Business Unit II Taku Morimoto Chief Operating Officer of Asia Pacific Business Unit Senior Executive Managing Officers Takakazu Uchida* Chief Financial Officer; Corporate Staff Unit (CFO Planning & Administrative Division, Global Controller Division, Finance Division, Risk Management Division, Investor Relations Division, Business Solutions Division (Mobility & Infrastructure), Financial Management & Advisory Division I, III, IV); Chairman, Disclosure Committee; Chairman, J-SOX Committee Kenichi Hori* Basic Materials Business Unit; Performance Materials Business Unit; Nutrition & Agriculture Business Unit; Food Business Unit; Retail Business Unit; Chairman, Portfolio Management Committee Hirotatsu Fujiwara* Chief Compliance Officer; Corporate Staff Unit (Secretariat, Audit & Supervisory Board Member Division, Human Resources & General Affairs Division, Legal Division, Corporate Logistics Division, New Head Office Building Development Department); Business Continuity Plan Management; New Headquarter Project; Chairman, Compliance Committee; Chairman, Diversity Promotion Committee; Head of Emergency Management Headquarter Yasuyuki Fujitani Chief Operating Officer of EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) Business Unit Motoo Ono Chief Representative of East Asia Bloc Shinsuke Kitagawa General Manager of Osaka Office Shinichiro Omachi Country Chairperson in India; Managing Director, Mitsui & Co. India Pvt. Ltd. Katsurao Yoshimori Chief Operating Officer of Americas Business Unit Executive Managing Officers Yoshio Kometani* Infrastructure Projects Business Unit; Mobility Business Unit I; Mobility Business Unit II; Digital Transformation(Deputy) Noboru Katsu Chairman & CEO of Mitsui & Co. (Australia) Ltd. Hiroyuki Tsurugi Representative Director, President & CEO of Mitsui Oil Exploration Co., Ltd. Shingo Sato President of Mitsui & Co.(Brasil) S.A. Osamu Toriumi General Manager of Internal Auditing Division Miki Yoshikawa Chief Operating Officer of Food Business Unit Motoaki Uno President & CEO of P.T.Mitsui Indonesia Managing Officers Hiroshi Meguro Chief Representative of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. in CIS; General Director of Mitsui & Co. Moscow LLC Koji Nagatomi Chief Operating Officer of Healthcare & Service Business Unit Kohei Takata Chief Operating Officer of Nutrition & Agriculture Business Unit Sayu Ueno Chief Operating Officer of Basic Materials Business Unit Yumi Yamaguchi President & CEO, Mitsui Global Strategic Studies Institute Takeshi Setozaki General Manager of Nagoya Office Reiji Fujita President of Mitsui & Co.,(Thailand) Ltd. Takeo Kato Chief Operating Officer of Performance Materials Business Unit Yuki Kodera Chief Operating Officer of Mineral & Metal Resources Business Unit Hirohiko Miyata General Manager of Investment Administrative Division Yoshiki Hirabayashi Chief Operating Officer of Retail Business Unit Yoshiaki Takemasu General Manager of Human Resources & General Affairs Division Yoshimitsu Gushiken General Manager of Finance Division Shinichi Hori Chief Operating Officer of Iron & Steel Products Business Unit Shinichi Kikuchihara Chief Operating Officer of Corporate Development Business Unit Masaharu Okubo Chief Operating Officer of Energy Business Unit I Motoyasu Nozaki Chief Operating Officer of Energy Business Unit II Masahiro Moriyasu Chief Operating Officer of IT & Communication Business Unit Tetsuya Daikoku Chief Operating Officer of Mobility Business Unit I Tatsuya Okamoto Chief Operating Officer of Mobility Business Unit II Yuji Mano General Manager of Information Technology Promotion Division Masato Sugahara Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Asia Pacific Business Unit Kazumasa Nakai Chief Operating Officer of Infrastructure Projects Business Unit Tetsuya Shigeta General Manager of Global Controller Division